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Thinking Geosynthetics. Think SGS

Thinking Geosynthetics. Think SGS



The first local “bent mesh” faced reinforced earth structure is being installed at The Boroondara City Works Depot at Riversdale.

Designed by walls expert Greg Schofield of Greg Schofield & Associates, this innovative design uses locally made steel mesh bent twice to stiffen the panel and ensure a straight wall face.

The panels are 3m long with a 500mm lift height. Total wall height is 3m. The small 50mm x 50mm mesh aperture size and granular backfill achieves a low-maintenance attractive visual appearence. These facing panels act as “lost formwork” for the Fortrac 35/20-20 geogrid which forms a “wrap-a-round” behind the panel.

The Fortrac extends some 2m behind the face forming a reinforced earth block. Stepped , concrete footings have been used at this site to bridge across soft, variable foundation layers and help maintain horizontal lines. A layer of Deckdrain 1200s geocomposite sheet drain provides a drainage layer behind the reinforced fill, replacing a traditional thick aggregate “chimney” drain.

The existing failing bluestone wall is being demolished progressively in stages and replaced with the new structure. The “modular” nature of the bent mesh system is therefore a big advantage. The ability to construct this type of wall in confined space with limited access and without heavy plant is a big advantage.

The Fortrac-reinforced “bent mesh” system is ideal for a range of applications from road slip repair to architectural projects.


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