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Thinking Geosynthetics. Think SGS

Thinking Geosynthetics. Think SGS

Canal at Wollert Landfill

New applications for geosynthetics in landfills are constantly evolving. One of the latest is the use of CANAL 8208 geocomposite liner at the Wollert Landfill north of Melbourne.

Manager Sam Bateman of Hanson Waste saw the potential to use CANAL as an alternative to GCL’s or LLDPE liner for temporary slope protection. Manufactured by Huesker in the USA, CANAL 8208 comprises a 0.5mm PE liner combined with 260gsm non-woven protection geotextiles bonded to either side.

CANAL 8208 is extremely tough and has higher puncture resistance than 2mm HDPE and high interface friction properties to allow its use on steep slopes. Prior to being adopted for use, CANAL was rigorously tested to ensure it met all the strict requirements of the EPA.

CANAL Seaming process

As each landfill cell is completed a cover layer is placed on the leading side slope of the cell to contain gas and odour emissions. Common practice is to use a GCL or LLDPE with 500mm of aggregate cover but CANAL offered the added advantage of not requiring a cover layer. There is the added benefit that the hot-melt glued seams of CANAL could be done by civil contractors, without special welding equipment. The wide 7.6m rolls maximised site coverage. Testing of the glued seams found excellent seam strength and watertightness - the CANAL ruptured before the glued seam did!

CANAL is ideal for a range of civil applications including lining of channels, dams and dam spillways. CANAL has also proven ideal for use lining underground modular water storage tanks.